Empathic dialogue

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13 different posters for use in presentations, workshops, homes, schools, institutions etc.

Available in Dutch and English currently, with more languages to follow.

Technical specifications.

Examples of the use of posters:

  • When introducing NVC to a group – you can select the posters that speak to your chosen topics and what you would like to focus on.
  • Some trainers use 6 posters, some use only two, and some like to have them all available so they can choose spontaneously which ones to use.
  • As inspiration in schools – for example, teachers may like to have needs words on the wall as a reminder.
  • As inspiration at home 
  • As inspiration at a workplace 
  • To bridge common understandings in different languages, for example in refugee centres 
  • As inspiration for discussion and exploration on different topics 

You’re also welcome to come up with your own ideas and ways to use the posters!

Please note that Dutch materials are available for purchase at www.blabla-blabla.be/

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