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Visfera – to make NVC qualities visible and used

Practise, practise, practise” – Nonviolent Communication Practice booklet

This booklet is created with the purpose to strengthen communication that supports connection and respectful dialogue. It is meant to support you in your sharing NVC in a simple and direct way, regardless of you being a beginner in your practice or an experienced trainer. The booklet can be used in all kinds of settings i.e. home, work, schools, organizations.

The content 

  • holds the view of NVC as an attitude and an alive process
  • balances between images and words to make practicing simple
  • is non-directive, you can use the content in your way, in your order
  • empathizes practices that can be repeated to integrate NVC
  • gives a structure to build on

Examples of use of the Practice booklet:

  • Practicing basic elements of NVC- individual or in groups, with or without a trainer
  • As inspiration in your practice group
  • In organizations – to have a shared base of NVC practice
  • Practicing basic skills for conflict resolution

You’re welcome to come up with your own way of using the booklet!   

The booklet is available in many languages, in paper version and digital version.

You can find the booklet in our webshop at Depending on the quantity, we have offers to include a bigger number of this booklet in your trainings or organizations.

We also offer worksheets from the booklet on license, in case you would like one or a few of them in larger numbers for a group, project etc.  

Please note, Visfera material has all rights reserved and cannot be copied or spread without an agreement. We ask you kindly to respect this which would fulfil our needs for collaboration, quality, respect, contribution and development. Please contact us at for more info.

Wishing you a fun and productive NVC journey,

En Dolci and Marianne Göthlin

Some user voices: 

It makes it clear, very easy exercises reachable for everyone, images that supports the depth and learning hugely.

It supports the understanding on a deeper level much faster. 

It adds clarity, so much ease, and also fits with different learning styles. 

It supports the continuation and sustainability of the learning, in between and after training sessions.

It supports the clarity to customers and employees on the level of the values for the organization.

Visfera – to inspire a universal and simple language of connection

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