Digital Inner Color Card

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Inner colour card

Colorful digital card with words for feelings and needs. To be used as inspiration to find your “inner colour” and words to fit what is alive in you in the moment.

A handy tool for understanding yourself and others, and to bridge connection regardless of the setting. Handy on to have in any digital device, for self-awareness and reflecting together.

Technical specification

Examples of use of ICC card:

  • One for each participant in NVC workshops to help build NVC vocabulary
  • In the mobile phone – to support conversations and understanding of daily life situations
  • Preparing yourself for a difficult conversation
  • Inner evaluation at the end of the day, project etc.

You’ re also welcome to come up with your own idea and way to use the ICC card!

This file is for personal use only. All rights reserved for visfera. Contact for more info.

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