3 Possibilities Cards

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3 ways of connecting

A set of three images on A4 card for demonstration and group work

This is a tool for trainers to be used with groups and which allow many different practice opportunities. The three ways of connecting are here presented only with images – one for honest expression, one for empathic listening and one for self-empathy.

Examples of use:

  • When introducing NVC you can use the set to show clearly the different ways of using NVC – can be used on a board, on the floor, or just holding them
  • When practising how to respond to a message, you can use them to indicate and experience the three different ways of responding
  • As inspiration to reflection and sharing about ways to understand the 3 possibilities – We recommend combining with poster P07

You’re also welcome to come up with your own way of using the cards!

Please note that Dutch materials are available for purchase at www.blabla-blabla.be/