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Poster to be used in presentations and workshops as part of giving an overview of NVC values, intention and practice. Also work well as inspiration and reminder on screans/walls in workshop rooms, in the workplace, in the classroom or in homes.

Technical specifications.

Examples of the use of poster:

  • When introducing NVC to a group – you can select the posters that speak to your chosen topics and what you would like to focus on.
  • Some trainers use 6 posters, some use only two, and some like to have them all available so they can choose spontaneously which ones to use.
  • As inspiration in schools – for example, teachers may like to have needs words on the wall as a reminder.
  • As inspiration at home
  • As inspiration at a workplace

You’re also welcome to come up with your own ideas and ways to use the posters!

Please note that Dutch materials are available for purchase at www.blabla-blabla.be/


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