We, En Dolci and Marianne Göthlin, met randomly in a shop in Stockholm in 2013. We discovered a shared interest in nonviolent practices, and started to explore how to make what we find meaningful more available. We found that we enjoyed creating together and we’re excited to share what we’ve come up with so far.


Marianne Göthlin – visfera content and texts

Marianne has been practicing NVC for 25 years and was certified as an CNVC trainer in 1998. Marianne is sharing NVC internationally, collaborating with many trainers and regularly serving at IITs – International Intensive Trainings.
Marianne has a deep engagement in education, using the process of Nonviolent Communication to foster compassionate relations in learning environments, all levels. She has implemented NVC in public schools as well as co-founding a school based on connection and co-operation.

This experience has led to involvement in international projects in which big organizations strive to acknowledge humanness. “During my time of sharing NVC I have been missing images and materials that reflect the clarity and beauty that NVC brings to me. Now I have spent three fun and productive years working together with En Dolci to create that material. We have used it in trainings and the consistent positive feedback has led us to form visfera.com in order to offer the materials to others as well.”


En Dolci – visfera graphic design and content

En Dolci was raised in a culture of nonviolence, partly in Sicily and partly in Sweden. Early inn life he was exposed to the methodology of Reciprocal Maieutic Approach, which is still a big influence in his life and work. After working as a senior developer of educational sales tools in northern Europe, focusing on interactions, human behaviour, relations and interactions, he decided to change his path in life to work even more closely with the values he cares about. “Curiosity in life naturally leads to creativity…which gives rise to more curiosity in life.”

In recent years En has deepened his work on human values and has developed materials for shared explorations. Now he is fully engaged in creating visfera material. This by visualizing abstract concepts like feelings and needs that can be used in a concrete way. “Since the first connection with Marianne and NVC I knew that I wanted to contribute to make NVC more rooted individually as well as globally in today’s society.”