Welcome to Visfera. 

“A life where human interactions are filled with empathy and mutuality.”



Visfera is a way for us to continue our dream to live and share nonviolent awareness and action.



We offer a blue print of words and images to inspire equality and mutuality in human interactions.

The name Visfera means: Power, Wisdom, We, Sphere, Wholeness, Growth.

With these tools Visfera want to inspire an everyday empathic practice.


Using images and symbols brings simplicity and creativity to the practice.


We are strongly inspired by Nonviolent Communication

– the combination of simplicity and depth, vision and practice.

Some content in the material:

Content icons


Practical tools

Visfera offers practical training material for use in individual practice, presentations, group work, schools, workshops and trainings.

here is how it works

Visfera welcome you to use our material.
Joining a journey to strengthen what we value in life.









We, En Dolci and Marianne Göthlin, randomly met in a shop in Stockholm in 2013. We discovered a very strong shared interest in nonviolent practices. We started to explore how to make what we find helpful and meaningful more available to others.





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